your will is a fire that
I’ll douse with my prowess;
solid assertions and airy
in my presence, same as our lust carries.
your blood melts into falls
runs into streams
rushing to your head through your veins
and I hear it in your quickening
pulse, the pace of your heartbeat is sickening.
now part your lips
move them closer
breath on the air was the only sound where we were
the taste of you
sweet and sour
your body is one I’ll soon devour
chew on the tendons in your neck
I’ll bite your throat until it cracks
until it breaks in half, I’ll swallow
your tongue, I’ll make your throat hollow.

november 2011

my eyes

won’t open now

hanging upside-down



eyelids sewn shut

and I am writhing


my limbs are bound

above the ground

there is no sound from

glued teeth together

tongue cut by scissors

hell in this chamber

here forever

november 2013

comfort is the shake in a tea-bag,
the warmth of hot water.
that’s why every shower we took together was fire.
it never seemed like much to me,
the way you’d bend your skinny knee.
reach your head at last shampoo in my hands will wash out fast.
everything between us washing out fast, like the two of us flushing our past, like we’re both blushing outcasts.
smoke rises off of us when we’re heated and steamy.
the porch light is off, all I see is the cigarette and I’m angry.
I’ll sleep it off and wake on the moon with you but I am blue.
If you’re not there I’ll wait inside a crater
for your persistance-powered space rocket, lover.
will the moon exhibit the passing of time?
should I wait on you as long as you’re mine?

october 2013

when we leave for Paris
it will all have been worth it
sleep outside churches as
gargoyle perches has
one eye on me
one eye on he
it faces the sea
& so do we

october 2013

catalogue me
all my memory
keep me like clockwork in your big brain
our small machine minds spinning
little ticks to keep pace
little tricks to take place
soothe the pain after the chase
ease it, easy, drop the case

I cannot hold roots while I wait for death.

october 2013

a fortress made of flowers
wilted wall, tilted tower
give up to me your boyish power
closer and closer
to tumbling voer
every passing hour.

september 2013

froth on water
foam in mouth
sea salty taste
ripping you out
I’ll pass you off
to the sea
can’t let you keep
the best of me.

september 2013

passing days are eating my heart
dragging on dull though this blade is sharp
bashing my skull with a bat in the dark
my blood & bones are a work of art

august 2013

ankle-deep in foam & saline
As the sky is indistinguishable from the sea,
he becomes a part of me.

july 2013

heavy air
and you shiver
on my hands and knees in

may 2013